fix the checking of GTK with XIM support on different OSs, such as FreeBSD
[claws.git] / ChangeLog.claws
2002-11-29 Paul Manganfix the checking of GTK with XIM support on different...
2002-11-29 Paul Manganmore changes to the English
2002-11-29 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.6cvs13
2002-11-28 Oliver Haertelmessageview toolbar patch 4 by Ivan Francolin Martinez...
2002-11-28 Oliver Haertelmessageview toolbar patch 3 by Ivan Francolin Martinez...
2002-11-28 Oliver Haertelmessageview toolbar patch 2 by Ivan Francolin Martinez...
2002-11-28 Oliver Haertelmessageview toolbar patch 1 by Ivan Francolin Martinez...
2002-11-28 Oliver Haertelgetting ready for messageview toolbar patch
2002-11-28 Thorsten Maerzcleaned up conflicting declarations of imageview_show_i...
2002-11-28 Paul Mangana few more improvements to the English
2002-11-28 Colin LeroyA few updates to command-line parameters
2002-11-28 Colin Leroyfix bugs in prefs_filtering_delete_path
2002-11-27 Paul Manganimprove the English in the GUI
2002-11-27 Colin Leroyfix processing renaming problems after last commit
2002-11-27 Colin Leroyenable IMAP folder dnd
2002-11-27 Paul Mangando command-line processing before gtk_init
2002-11-27 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.6cvs12
2002-11-27 Colin Leroyfix CRITERIA_EXECUTE's NOT flag
2002-11-26 Christoph Hohmann0.8.6claws16
2002-11-26 Thorsten Maerzfix default-reply-to (closes Feture Request #643656)
2002-11-26 Melvin Hadasht* src/prefs_actions.c
2002-11-26 Paul Mangancommit correct version of compose.c
2002-11-26 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.6cvs11
2002-11-25 Colin LeroyFix collapsed folder not auto-expanding during
2002-11-25 Colin Leroymove slist of nodes to be recollapsed in folderview...
2002-11-25 Paul Manganfix breakage caused by last commit
2002-11-25 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.6cvs5
2002-11-25 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.6cvs4
2002-11-25 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.6cvs3
2002-11-25 Colin Leroyadd spring-loaded folders
2002-11-25 Colin LeroyVisual feedback when there are unread answers to marked...
2002-11-25 Colin Leroyadd SSL manager
2002-11-25 Colin LeroyAdd S_SEARCH_EXTENDED to the quick search, which
2002-11-25 Colin LeroyDeletion of duplicates now prefer deleting
2002-11-25 Paul Manganupdate Serbian translation rel_0_8_6
2002-11-24 Paul Mangan0.8.6claws release
2002-11-24 Paul Manganupdated Bulgarian translation
2002-11-23 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/imap.c
2002-11-23 Paul Manganupdated Italian translation
2002-11-22 Christoph Hohmann0.8.5claws179
2002-11-22 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/summaryview.c
2002-11-22 Paul Manganadd 'autom4te.cache' to .cvsignore
2002-11-22 Paul Manganfix for message display in UTF-8 locales
2002-11-21 Colin Leroy * src/procmsg.[ch]
2002-11-21 Colin LeroyFix copying from queue/draft folders
2002-11-21 Christoph Hohmann0.8.5claws173
2002-11-20 Christoph Hohmann0.8.5claws172
2002-11-19 Christoph Hohmann* src/compose.c
2002-11-19 Christoph Hohmann* src/procmsg.c
2002-11-18 Paul Manganmore sensitivity fixes to redirect mode
2002-11-18 Paul Manganfix sensitivity of menu items in compose_redirect()
2002-11-18 Paul Manganfix bug [ 603259 ] 'attachment got lost on bounce'
2002-11-18 Paul Manganfix commit conflict
2002-11-18 Paul Manganupdated Russian message catalog
2002-11-18 Colin Leroyremove old filtering stuff
2002-11-17 Oliver Haertelremove typedef
2002-11-17 Oliver Haertelmake toolbar events translatable
2002-11-17 Colin LeroyRevert too-soon integration of a feature planned for...
2002-11-16 Christoph Hohmann* src/imap.c
2002-11-16 Christoph Hohmann* src/compose.c
2002-11-16 Colin Leroy(Sorry :() missed a check in last commit...
2002-11-16 Melvin HadashtUpdated French translations
2002-11-16 Colin Leroycheck for missing parts in the certificates
2002-11-15 Colin Leroypreventive fix (missing check) found by Alfons
2002-11-15 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.6 release
2002-11-15 Colin Leroyfix error handling in folder dnd (thanks to Alfons)
2002-11-15 Colin Leroyremove gui stuff from folder.c
2002-11-15 Colin LeroyCallback system for MsgInfo (better fix for updating...
2002-11-14 Colin Leroyupdate folderitem after send
2002-11-14 Christoph Hohmann* src/folder.c
2002-11-14 Christoph Hohmann* src/folder.c
2002-11-14 Colin Leroyfix default account selection when forwarding
2002-11-14 Colin Leroyfix forward and save to special folder
2002-11-14 Thorsten Maerzinc_start(): Files were not moved from .processing...
2002-11-14 Colin Leroyfix file operations
2002-11-14 Paul Manganupdate Italian translation
2002-11-13 Alfons Hoogervorst* src/folder.c
2002-11-13 Keith EdmundsFixed problem in imap.c where mails copied or moved...
2002-11-13 Colin Leroyfix unbalanced " problem in rules
2002-11-13 Christoph Hohmann* src/folder.c
2002-11-13 Christoph Hohmann* src/summaryview.c
2002-11-13 Colin Leroyfix a segfault in the parser
2002-11-13 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.5cvs24
2002-11-13 Colin Leroyrevert, problem... :(
2002-11-13 Colin LeroyNetwork endian for mark and cache files
2002-11-12 Colin Leroyfix "socket error" not showing
2002-11-12 Colin Leroyreverse last commit but still reverse the list
2002-11-12 Colin Leroyreverse msgcache_get_msg_list order
2002-11-12 Melvin HadashtAdded a check for NULL prefs_common.dictionary
2002-11-12 Colin Leroyuse FQDN host in certificates
2002-11-12 Colin Leroyadd port to certificate checker
2002-11-12 Paul Manganfix typo
2002-11-12 Paul Mangansync with 0.8.5cvs23
2002-11-12 Colin Leroycleaner messages, no popup if required
2002-11-11 Colin Leroy_Really_ clean it
2002-11-11 Colin Leroyfixed leak
2002-11-11 Colin Leroycleaned, better use of ssl api
2002-11-11 Paul Manganupdate Spanish translation
2002-11-11 Colin Leroyfix a typo
2002-11-11 Colin LeroyCheck SSL certificates