2005-01-27 [colin] 1.0.0cvs16
[claws.git] / ChangeLog.claws
2005-01-27 Colin Leroy2005-01-27 [colin] 1.0.0cvs16
2005-01-26 Paul Mangan2005-01-26 [paul] 1.0.0cvs15
2005-01-25 Paul Mangan2005-01-25 [paul] 1.0.0cvs14
2005-01-24 Colin Leroyfreeze clist in summaryview when performing potentially...
2005-01-24 Paul Mangan2005-01-24 [paul] 1.0.0cvs12
2005-01-24 Colin Leroy2005-01-24 [colin] 1.0.0cvs11
2005-01-24 Colin Leroy2005-01-24 [colin] 1.0.0cvs10
2005-01-23 Holger Berndt2005-01-23 [holger] 1.0.0cvs9
2005-01-22 Colin Leroy2005-01-22 [colin] 1.0.0cvs8
2005-01-21 Colin Leroy2005-01-21 [colin] 1.0.0cvs7
2005-01-21 Colin Leroy2005-01-21 [colin] 1.0.0cvs6
2005-01-21 Colin Leroy2005-01-21 [colin] 1.0.0cvs5
2005-01-21 Colin Leroy2005-01-21 [colin] 1.0.0cvs4
2005-01-20 Holger Berndt2005-01-20 [holger] 1.0.0cvs3
2005-01-19 Colin Leroy2005-01-19 [colin] 1.0.0cvs2
2005-01-19 Paul Manganupdate po/ko.po
2005-01-19 Paul Mangan2005-01-19 [paul] 1.0.0cvs1
2005-01-18 Paul Mangan*** empty log message *** rel_1_0_0
2005-01-17 Thorsten Maerzinclude last bugfix in release
2005-01-17 Thorsten Maerz2005-01-17 [thorsten] 1.0.0cvs1
2005-01-17 Thorsten Maerzversion 1.0.0 released
2005-01-17 Paul Manganinadvertently forgot to add Frederico Goncalves Guimara...
2005-01-17 Paul Mangan2005-01-17 [paul] 0.9.13cvs37
2005-01-16 Colin Leroy2005-01-16 [colin] 0.9.13cvs36
2005-01-15 Paul Mangan2005-01-15 [paul] 0.9.13cvs35
2005-01-15 Paul Mangan2005-01-15 [paul] 0.9.13cvs34
2005-01-14 Colin Leroy2005-01-14 [colin] 0.9.13cvs33
2005-01-14 Colin Leroycorrect description
2005-01-14 Colin Leroy2005-01-14 [colin] 0.9.13cvs32
2005-01-09 Thorsten Maerz2005-01-09 [thorsten] 0.9.13cvs31
2005-01-08 Colin Leroy2005-01-08 [colin] 0.9.13cvs30
2005-01-07 Paul Mangan2005-01-07 [paul] 0.9.13cvs29
2005-01-06 Colin Leroy2005-01-06 [colin] 0.9.13cvs28
2005-01-04 Christoph Hohmann2005-01-04 [christoph] 0.9.13cvs27
2005-01-03 Colin Leroy2005-01-03 [colin] 0.9.13cvs26
2005-01-03 Colin Leroy2005-01-03 [colin] 0.9.13cvs25
2005-01-01 Colin Leroy2005-01-01 [colin] 0.9.13cvs24
2004-12-30 Colin Leroy2004-12-30 [colin] 0.9.13cvs23
2004-12-30 Paul Mangan2004-12-30 [paul] 0.9.13cvs22
2004-12-18 Paul Mangan2004-12-18 [paul] 0.9.13cvs21
2004-12-17 Thorsten Maerz2004-12-17 [thorsten] 0.9.13cvs20
2004-12-16 Paul Mangan2004-12-16 [paul] 0.9.13cvs19
2004-12-14 Colin Leroy2004-12-14 [colin] 0.9.13cvs18
2004-12-14 Colin Leroy2004-12-14 [colin] 0.9.13cvs17
2004-12-14 Paul Mangan2004-12-14 [paul]
2004-12-14 Paul Mangan2004-12-14 [paul] 0.9.13cvs16
2004-12-13 Thorsten Maerz2004-12-13 [thorsten] 0.9.13cvs15
2004-12-13 Colin Leroy2004-12-13 [colin] 0.9.13cvs14
2004-12-11 Colin Leroy2004-12-11 [colin] 0.9.13cvs13
2004-12-10 Colin Leroy2004-12-10 [colin] 0.9.13cvs12
2004-12-10 Paul Mangan2004-12-10 [paul] 0.9.13cvs11
2004-12-09 Colin Leroy2004-12-09 [colin] 0.9.13cvs10
2004-12-08 Colin Leroy2004-12-08 [colin] 0.9.13cvs9
2004-12-08 Hoà Viêt Dinhrefixed buffer overflow
2004-12-08 Colin Leroypartial download search speedup
2004-12-08 Paul Mangan2004-12-08 [paul]
2004-12-08 Colin Leroy2004-12-08 [colin] 0.9.13cvs6
2004-12-08 Hoà Viêt Dinhfixed buffer overflow
2004-12-07 Thorsten Maerz2004-12-07 [thorsten] 0.9.13cvs4
2004-12-07 Keith EdmundsFix typo in procmime.c
2004-12-07 Colin Leroy2004-12-07 [colin] 0.9.13cvs2
2004-12-07 Thorsten Maerz2004-12-07 [thorsten] 0.9.13cvs1
2004-12-06 Paul Mangan0.9.13 released rel_0_9_13
2004-12-06 Christoph Hohmann* configure.ac
2004-12-06 Colin Leroy2004-12-06 [colin] 0.9.12cvs187
2004-12-06 Paul Mangan2004-12-06 [paul] 0.9.12cvs186
2004-12-05 Paul Mangan2004-12-05 [paul] 0.9.12cvs185
2004-12-04 Paul Mangan2004-12-04 [paul] 0.9.12cvs184
2004-12-04 Colin Leroy2004-12-04 [colin] 0.9.12cvs183
2004-12-04 Paul Mangan2004-12-04 [paul] 0.9.12cvs182
2004-12-03 Christoph Hohmann2004-12-03 [christoph] 0.9.12cvs181
2004-12-03 Paul Manganupdate icons (sync with main (adjust hue))
2004-12-02 Paul Mangan2004-12-02 [paul] 0.9.12cvs180
2004-12-02 Colin Leroy2004-12-02 [colin] 0.9.12cvs179
2004-12-02 Colin Leroy2004-12-02 [colin] 0.9.12cvs178
2004-11-30 Colin Leroy2004-11-30 [colin] 0.9.12cvs177
2004-11-29 Colin Leroy2004-11-29 [colin] 0.9.12cvs176
2004-11-29 Colin Leroy2004-11-29 [colin] 0.9.12cvs175
2004-11-29 Colin Leroy2004-11-29 [colin] 0.9.12cvs174
2004-11-26 Colin Leroy2004-11-26 [colin] 0.9.12cvs173
2004-11-24 Colin Leroy2004-11-24 [colin] 0.9.12cvs172
2004-11-24 Colin Leroy2004-11-24 [colin] 0.9.12cvs171
2004-11-24 Colin Leroy2004-11-24 [colin] 0.9.12cvs169
2004-11-23 Thorsten Maerz2004-11-23 [thorsten] 0.9.12cvs168
2004-11-23 Thorsten Maerz2004-11-23 [thorsten] 0.9.12cvs167
2004-11-23 Colin Leroy2004-11-23 [colin] 0.9.12cvs166
2004-11-23 Colin Leroy2004-11-23 [colin] 0.9.12cvs165
2004-11-23 Christoph Hohmann2004-11-23 [christoph] 0.9.12cvs164
2004-11-23 Colin Leroy2004-11-23 [colin] 0.9.12cvs163
2004-11-23 Colin Leroy2004-11-23 [colin] 0.9.12cvs162
2004-11-22 Luke Plant2004-11-22 [luke] 0.9.12cvs161
2004-11-22 Paul Mangan2004-11-22 [paul] 0.9.12cvs160
2004-11-19 Paul Mangan2004-11-19 [paul] 0.9.12cvs159
2004-11-18 Paul Mangan2004-11-18 [paul] 0.9.12cvs158
2004-11-17 Christoph Hohmann2004-11-17 [christoph] 0.9.12cvs157
2004-11-17 Colin Leroy2004-11-17 [colin] 0.9.12cvs156
2004-11-17 Colin Leroy2004-11-17 [colin] 0.9.12cvs155
2004-11-17 Colin Leroy2004-11-17 [colin] 0.9.12cvs154
2004-11-17 Paul Mangan2004-11-17 [paul] 0.9.12cvs153
2004-11-17 Paul Mangan2004-11-17 [paul] 0.9.12cvs152