and add Jonathan to AUTHORS
[claws.git] / AUTHORS
2001-11-04 Alfons Hoogervorstand add Jonathan to AUTHORS
2001-10-29 Paul Manganactivate links in html mail
2001-10-21 Paul Manganinsert file with DOS line endings
2001-10-13 Paul Manganenable decryption of ascii-armored gpg messages
2001-10-12 Paul Manganenable ascii-armored gpg messages
2001-09-30 Paul Manganadd eudora-2-vCard convertor
2001-09-25 Paul Manganconfigure 'go to next folder' dialog
2001-09-18 Paul Manganadd 'score equal to' option
2001-08-30 Paul Manganenhanced account selection on replies
2001-08-21 Paul Manganenable 'dynamic' signatures
2001-08-16 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.5.3 release
2001-07-29 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.5.1cvs6
2001-07-28 Paul Mangancorrect image mime headers
2001-07-28 Paul Manganadded gif2xface tool
2001-07-22 Alfons Hoogervorstreadying release 0.5.1claw - adding English user manual
2001-07-12 Alfons Hoogervorstadded updated Dutch and German translations
2001-07-09 Hoà Viêt Dinhclean the grammar
2001-07-09 Alfons Hoogervorstseveral minor things Match forgot, and first stab at...
2001-07-01 Paul Mangancolour message instead of mark it
2001-06-29 Paul Manganpt_BR.po updated
2001-06-23 Paul Manganadded tools directory and scripts
2001-06-15 Paul Manganmore sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs11
2001-06-03 Alfons Hoogervorstminor gui nag fix: setting font name in font selection...
2001-05-10 Alfons Hoogervorstmessed up version numbering...
2001-04-19 Paul ManganImported version 1.0 start