2005-04-21 [paul] 1.9.6cvs45
[claws.git] / .cvsignore
2003-08-04 Christoph Hohmann0.9.4claws1
2002-11-22 Paul Manganadd 'autom4te.cache' to .cvsignore
2001-10-12 Paul Mangansync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs6
2001-10-10 Christoph Hohmannusing table for widget alignment, fixed memory leak...
2001-04-25 Alfons Hoogervorstadded *.swp (vim "swap" file)
2001-04-25 Sergey VlasovRemoved config.h.in; added it (and also stamp-h, tags...
2001-04-23 Alfons Hoogervorstadded Makefile.in, stamp-h.in, configure,aclocal.m4...
2001-04-21 Sergey VlasovMade CVS ignore more autogenerated files.