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5. Starting and quitting Sylpheed-Claws

5.1 Starting Sylpheed-Claws

Starting Sylpheed-Claws can be done by typing "sylpheed" on a prompt in a terminal and pressing Enter. You can also use the shortcut to Sylpheed-Claws in KDE or Gnome menus, or create a shortcut to it on the desktop, if your window manager allows that.

When you first start Sylpheed-Claws, the program will ask you where you want to store the mails that you downloaded. You can accept the default ($HOME/Mail) or set up your own mail folder.

Sylpheed-Claws will then load with it's default settings. The way to change these are written about further on in this manual.

5.2 Quitting Sylpheed-Claws

Ending Sylpheed-Claws can be done in several ways:

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