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3. Quick-guide for news setup

3.1 Getting news in a hurry.

In the configuration menu, select "Create new account"

In the "Basic" tab, enter the relevant data. You name the account, enter your name and e-mail address, etc. To connect to news, in the Protocol box you select "News (NNTP)".

Enter the newsserver information.

Skip the "Receive" tab.

In the "Send" tab you can set up some more settings.

In the "Compose" tab you can define your signature file.

In the "Advanced" tab you can edit the portnumbers for the servers you will be using. This normally will need no change.

Close the dialogs, right click the new News folder in the folder pane and select "Subscribe to newsgroups". If not done already, a list of groups will be downloaded from the server. From there you will find your way, so good luck!

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