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16. Information

16.1 Websites on Sylpheed-Claws

Here are some links to the Sylpheed-Claws FAQ in other languages:

16.2 Mailing Lists

If you want to stay up to date on Sylpheed-Claws, and want to talk about the program with other users, you can join the mailing list.

The address for posting to the list is

How to unsubscribe.

Put the address with which you registered in the last field and  choose Edit Options.

16.3 Anonymous CVS

Here is the standard viewcvs script, and here is a tracker that shows you the latest activity.

16.4 How to tell another program to use Sylpheed-Claws as e-mail program

If you wish to use Sylpheed-Claws from within for example Netscape or Opera, then you need to go to the `preferences` section, then choose `applications` and in the email client part, you need to enter sylpheed --compose.

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