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19. Information

19.1 Websites on Sylpheed

Here are some links to the Sylpheed FAQ in other languages:

19.2 Mailing Lists

If you want to stay up to date on Sylpheed, and want to talk about the program with other users, you can join the mailing list.

Send a mail to that says

subscribe Your Name

in the body.

The server returns the mail once for the first registration request that asks the confirmation: "May I put you on this mailing list?" that includes the following phrase (this number is merely an example).

confirm 84682771 Anne Shirley

This is a precaution for mischief like subscribing you to the list against your wish.

If you received the entry confirmation mail, send a mail that includes the phrase:

confirm Password(a number) Your Name

to the address for registration: again. Then, it is considered that you have confirmed the registration and you are registered to the server.

The address for posting to the list is

Notice: If you lost the mail that says

confirm Password(a number) Your Name

or you became confused and want to do from start, do them over from the start, in other words, send

subscribe Anne Shirley

to again.

How to unsubscribe.

Send a mail to that says


in the body.

19.3 Anonymous CVS

This section has not been written yet.

19.4 How to tell another program to use Sylpheed as e-mail program

If you wish to use Sylpheed from within for example Netscape or Opera, then you need to go to the `preferences` section, then choose `applications` and in the email client part, you need to enter sylpheed --compose.

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