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15. Reference

In this section you will find a few pieces of information that might be handy in making Sylpheed-Claws more clear for you in respect to the used shortcut keys, and a layout of the format of the address book.

15.1 Short-Cut Key List

One-key shortcuts:

Shortcuts to the File menu:

Shortcuts to the Edit menu

Shortcuts to the View menu

Shortcuts to the Message menu

Shortcuts to the Summary menu

Shortcuts to the Tool menu

15.2 Data Format of Address Book

The addressbook is located in  /.sylpheed. It is named addressbook.xml. The general format of the addressbook is:

< addressbook ><p>
< common_address ><p>
< group name="Common addresses" ><p>
< item ><p>
< name > Paul < /name ><p>
< address > < /address ><p>
< remarks > Writes Sylph. manual < /remarks ><p>
< /item ><p>
< /group ><p>
< /common_address ><p>
< /addressbook >

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