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16. Customization (General Setup)

Sylpheed offers you several ways to customize it's interface for your personal use.

16.1 General Setup Window

For making changes to Sylpheed's interface, you need to open the "common preferences" in the Configuration menu.

In here you will find a tabbed window that offers the following possibility to customize Sylpheed.

16.2 Description of Each Entry

In the third tab, "Compose", the following settings can be changed:

In the fourth tab, "Display", you can set or unset the following options:

Next to these options, there is the message tab, in which you can set the following choices:

The tab "Interface" allows even more customization of Sylpheed. This tab features:

Finally there is the "Other" tab. In here you can define the programs you want as helper applications for Sylpheed.

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