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2. Sylpheed-Claws FAQ - Installation and Configuration

2.1 Q01 What does it take to compile Sylpheed-Claws?

A. Any POSIX compliant UNIX or similar OS eg. Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris GTK+ 1.2.6 or later A recent ANSI C compiler (gcc 2.95 should also work). Optionally:

Otherwise ./configure will fail.

2.2 Q02 How do I set up Sylpheed-Claws?

A. When you run Sylpheed-Claws for the first time, it will ask you where you want to store your mailboxes. The default is <homedir>/Mail. You can change this to anything you like as long as it is a valid directory name.

Please note: When Sylpheed-Claws is executed for the first time, it automatically creates the configuration files under $HOME/.sylpheed-gtk2/, and asks you the location of mailbox. The default is $HOME/Mail. If some files which are non-MH format already exist on the directory, you will have to specify another location.

2.3 Q03 Why did the creation of the mailbox fail?

A. Sylpheed-Claws reports such an error if it can't create the default mailboxes (inbox, outbox, etc ...). This can be because <homedir>/Mail already contains files with the same names. This occurs when switching from Kmail to Sylpheed-Claws, in this case backup and remove the existing Mail directory or use another name for the Sylpheed-Claws mail directory.

2.4 Q04 How do I set up an account?

A. After loading Sylpheed-Claws for the first time, you should already have an account, as defined by the wizard. However you can add an e-mail account by clicking the "Configuration" menu. Select the option "Create new account" and fill in the appropriate fields.

2.5 Q05 How many accounts can I set up in Sylpheed-Claws?

A. The number is unlimited. The limit is reached when your computer stops responding.

2.6 Q06 Why does Sylpheed-Claws not delete my mails when I press "delete"? I set a filter, and Sylpheed-Claws does not filter. I moved a mail to a different mailbox and it did not move.

A. You have to click the "execute" button. The other solution: in the configuration settings (Preferences -> Summaries tab) you have to check the "execute commands immediately" box.

2.7 Q07 Can I set up special addresses/ports for my mailserver / newsserver?

A. Yes, you can. In the configuration per account you can specify the exact port addresses you want to use.

2.8 Q08 Does Sylpheed-Claws have options for threading messages?

A. Yes. You can switch it on and off in the Summary Menu, just select "Thread View" or press Ctrl+T.

2.9 Q09 Can I create multiple levels of subfolders to store mail?

A. Absolutely. This is no problem.

2.10 Q10 Why isn't Sylpheed-Claws sending my mail out?

A. You need to create at least one account in order to send. (This is a wonderful gotcha on LAN installs with only a local mailbox feed).

2.11 Q11 How do I apply a patch after downloading it?

A. Copy patch to sylpheed directory Apply the patch:

% patch -p0 < some.patch

Or, if it's gzipped:

% gzip -dc some.patch.gz | patch -p0

Run ./, remove the generated /config.cache file (unless you want to install in prefix /usr/local). Run ./configure with the appropriate options and then make. (Text as found on the Sylpheed patches page.)

2.12 Q12 How do I compile in support for compface pictures?

A. You have to have a package called libcompface installed, so this is available for compiling into Sylpheed.

2.13 Q13 How do I make my own compface image?

A. The faces package contains a program called xbm2ikon script, which converts a 48x48 xbm to the format suitable for compface. Thanks to Jeff Dairiki, you can have a complete online course in this. Visit this page for the details.

2.14 Q14 How can I tell my browser/newsclient/other program to use Sylpheed as e-mail program?

A. In the settings part of the program, write sylpheed --compose

2.15 Q15 How do I enable GPG support in Sylpheed-Claws?

A. When compiling Sylpheed, make sure you you have gpgme >= 0.4.5 available before running the ./configure command. When that completes successfully, there is a "privacy" section in the Common preferences.

2.16 Q16 Mutt does not recognize Sylpheed-Claws's MH structure

A. For this to work you need to use the "touch" command in every MH folder. "touch" the file .xmhcache and Mutt should do just fine.

2.17 Q17 Viewing a GIF file within Sylpheed-Claws causes a segmentation fault.

A. In case this happens, you can easily fix that by adding the following to /etc/mime.types:

image/gif gif

2.18 Q18 How can I make Sylpheed-Claws notify me when new mail arrives?

A. For this you can do several things:

* Look at the Sylpheed patch page at for a new mail patch.

* Download Gkrellm or a similar program that is able to notify you of new incoming mail. Gkrellm is available at the Gkrellm page

2.19 Q19 Can I use a spell checker with Sylpheed-Claws?

A. Yes. You can use aspell for this if it is compiled in.

2.20 Q20 How can I make Sylpheed-Claws send my compface image in the mails?

A. In the Configuration menu, Preferences for current account, Send tab, check Add user-defined header and press Edit button. A dialog appears, add a header named "X-Face" and fill the value field with your face data. Note that if you paste the data from a terminal into the field some spurious newlines can be added, and these can mangle your face, be careful.

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