2019-08-28 Andrej KacianFix 64-bit build of GTK master
2019-08-27 Andrej KacianCheck for cmake during initial configure
2019-08-27 Andrej KacianFix gumbo-parser path in NSIS installer config
2019-08-27 Andrej KacianMake prerequisite list in README slightly less outdated
2019-08-27 Andrej KacianFix gumbo-parser building
2019-08-26 Andrej KacianMake litehtml_viewer plugin build
2019-08-06 Andrej KacianAdded gumbo-parser for CM's litehtml plugin
2019-08-06 Andrej KacianUpdate nettle library filenames in installer
2019-08-04 Andrej KacianUpdate some supporting packages
2019-08-04 Andrej KacianUpdate CM package to 3.17.4
2019-08-04 Andrej KacianUpdate patches for 3.17.4
2019-08-04 Andrej KacianDisplay filename of patchfile being executed
2019-01-20 Andrej KacianAdd claws-mail-3.17.3/99-debug-log-menuitem.patch
2019-01-20 Andrej KacianAdd claws-mail-3.17.3/99-session-proxy.patch
2018-12-29 Andrej KacianFix 99-file-open-dialog-fix.patch
2018-12-29 Andrej KacianAdd 99-file-open-dialog-fix.patch claws-mail patch
2018-12-29 Andrej KacianAdd more claws-mail patches
2018-12-29 Andrej KacianUpdate configure parameters for claws-mail.
2018-12-29 Andrej KacianUpdate CM patches for 3.17.3 release
2018-12-22 Andrej KacianBump claws-mail to 3.17.3
2018-08-30 Andrej KacianUpdated claws-mail-3.17.1/01-etpan-sasl-plugin-path... 3.17.1-1
2018-08-30 Andrej KacianMake harfbuzz-1.8.8/01-no-tests-utils-docs.patch even...
2018-08-29 Andrej KacianRemoved librsvg from packages.current - it was never...
2018-08-29 Andrej KacianMore library updates, and patches to speed up build.
2018-08-29 Andrej KacianUpdated patches in EXTRA_DIST.
2018-08-29 Andrej KacianUpdated curl to 7.61.0.
2018-08-28 Andrej KacianReadd the libetpan patch from 61fa128, mistakenly removed.
2018-08-28 Andrej KacianVersion bump of gnutls and libexpat.
2018-08-27 Andrej KacianRemoved obsolete webkit patches.
2018-08-27 Andrej KacianAdd nettle as a build dependency for claws-mail.
2018-08-27 Andrej KacianPrep for 3.17.1-1 release.
2018-08-27 Andrej KacianUpdate the automagic magic.
2018-08-27 Andrej KacianFix libetpan patch paths in
2018-07-24 Andrej KacianRevert back to libetpan 1.7, because 1.8 release tarbal...
2018-07-24 Andrej KacianUpdated libetpan to 1.8, added patch to fix a crash.
2018-07-24 Andrej KacianDo not build tests and demos for pixman, they take...
2018-03-17 Andrej Kacian3.16.0-2 3.16.0-2
2018-03-16 Andrej KacianUpdate EXTRA_DIST in
2018-03-16 Andrej KacianUpdated curl to version 2.59.0.
2018-03-05 Andrej KacianUpdated several libraries' versions
2018-03-01 Andrej KacianUpdate CM patch 02-missing-gerror-init.patch to fix...
2018-02-02 Andrej KacianUpdated gnutls to 3.5.17.
2018-01-28 Andrej KacianHandle our LLIntAssembly.h kludge for webkitgtk a bit...
2018-01-28 Andrej KacianUpdated webkitgtk to 2.4.11.
2018-01-21 Andrej KacianInfo in README
2018-01-21 Andrej Kacianuse objcopy to make .debug files and strip binaries...
2018-01-21 Andrej Kacianbuild with separate debug symbols
2018-01-14 Andrej KacianAdded patches/icu4c-58_2-src/03-no-xlocale.patch
2018-01-09 Andrej KacianUpdate gcc version parsing to work with newer gcc 7.x.
2018-01-08 Andrej KacianAdded zlib patch to not strip binaries on install.
2017-12-30 Andrej KacianAdd missing CM patch.
2017-12-30 Andrej KacianUpdated crypt-1.1/01-build-dll.patch to not strip when...
2017-12-21 Andrej KacianBetter cleanup for locale files. 3.16.0-1
2017-12-18 Andrej KacianCorrections in packages.current.
2017-12-17 Andrej KacianMore updates for 3.16.0-1.
2017-12-17 Andrej KacianUpdate, packages and patches for 3.16.0.
2017-12-17 Andrej KacianUpdate list of installed CM localizations and plugins.
2017-12-09 Andrej KacianSome text fixes, including copyright year updates.
2017-10-08 Andrej KacianAdded stamp-autogen-1stpass to .gitignore.
2017-10-08 Andrej KacianFix ICU build when using clang for the linux part.
2017-10-08 Andrej KacianFail early if linux ICU build fails during compilation.
2017-10-03 Andrej KacianCleanup of comments in packages.current
2017-09-28 Andrej KacianPango depends on cairo.
2017-09-28 Andrej KacianRevert back to cairo 1.10
2017-09-27 Andrej KacianUpdated libpng to 1.6.29
2017-06-16 Andrej KacianRemoved 03-g_strndup.patch again, since it relies on...
2017-06-16 Andrej KacianAdded gdk-pixbuf-2.36.6/01-fix-build.patch
2017-06-15 Andrej KacianAdded claws-mail-3.15.0/03-g_strndup.patch
2017-06-14 Andrej Kacianupdate some libs and add some windows-specific post...
2017-05-10 Andrej KacianFix print size in webkitgtk... again.
2017-05-04 Andrej KacianFix up 'make dist' to include forgotten files.
2017-04-21 Andrej KacianFixed libetpan-1.7/sasl_set_path.patch to actually...
2017-04-20 Andrej KacianAdded updated patches for libetpan-1.7(.2)
2017-04-08 Andrej KacianActually add libetpan-1.7/send_wouldblock.patch
2017-04-08 Andrej KacianUpdate libetpan from 1.6 to 1.7.2, add a patch for...
2017-03-27 Andrej KacianBetter check whether has been run correctly.
2017-03-26 Andrej KacianBumped dist version to 3.15.0. 3.15.0-1
2017-03-26 Andrej KacianUpdated patch list in toplevel EXTRA_DIST.
2017-03-26 Andrej KacianAdded 00-undirty-version-file.patch for 3.15.0.
2017-03-26 Andrej KacianUpdated patches for CM 3.15.0.
2017-03-26 Andrej KacianRemoved duplicate configure switch for webkitgtk.
2017-03-26 Andrej KacianUpdate claws-mail to 3.15.0 in packages.current.
2017-03-07 Andrej KacianFix ytnef's checksum in packages.current
2017-03-07 Andrej KacianFix ytnef inclusion (some missing template vars, a...
2017-03-07 Andrej KacianRevert "Fix ytnef inclusion (some missing template...
2017-03-07 Andrej KacianFix ytnef inclusion (some missing template vars, a...
2017-03-06 Andrej KacianAdded ytnef package, and enable tnef_parse plugin for...
2017-02-06 Andrej KacianUse -g0 compiler flag for webkitgtk.
2017-02-06 Andrej KacianFix harfbuzz not being able to find ICU shared libs.
2017-02-06 Andrej KacianMade libwebp depend on zlib
2017-02-06 Andrej KacianAdded missing license info for mingw.*.h files to AUTHORS.
2017-02-06 Andrej KacianAdded patches for libstd threading primitives.
2017-02-06 Andrej KacianAdding icu4c, libwebp and webkitgtk
2017-02-06 Andrej KacianFix indentation in AUTHORS file.
2017-02-04 Andrej KacianDisable building of Claws Mail Dillo plugin, since...
2017-01-28 Andrej KacianSome small libical-related fixes to the NSI installer...
2017-01-28 Andrej KacianAdding support for cmake-based builds.
2017-01-22 Andrej KacianUpdated zlib to 1.2.11 and libpng to 1.4.19
2017-01-21 Andrej KacianUpdate libsoup patch.
2017-01-21 Andrej KacianAdd "-64bit" suffix to 64-bit release filename.