2021-11-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to ytnef-2.0 master
2021-11-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to poppler-21.11.0
2021-11-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to pango-1.48.10
2021-11-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to libtasn1-4.18.0
2021-11-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to libical-3.0.11
2021-11-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to libgpg-error-1.43
2021-11-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to curl-7.80.0
2021-11-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to certdata.txt-20210916
2021-11-10 Jonathan BoeingUpdate readme for building webkitgtk
2021-11-10 Jonathan BoeingDisable -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 for webkit
2021-11-10 Jonathan BoeingFix webkit build
2021-11-10 Jonathan BoeingFix libsoup build with GCC 10
2021-11-10 Jonathan BoeingUpdate to libsoup-2.74.1
2021-11-10 Jonathan BoeingUpdates for building on Debian Bullseye
2021-09-20 Jonathan Boeingupdate to poppler-21.09.0 and poppler-data-0.4.11
2021-09-20 Jonathan Boeingadd pdf_viewer plugin and dependencies
2021-09-20 Jonathan BoeingRemove unused w32pth package
2021-09-11 Jonathan Boeingfix webkit link failure
2021-09-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to harfbuzz-2.9.1
2021-09-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to enchant-2.3.1
2021-09-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to libwebp-1.2.1
2021-09-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to libsoup-2.74.0
2021-09-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to pango-1.48.9
2021-09-01 Jonathan Boeingglib patch doesn't apply to old version
2021-09-01 Jonathan BoeingMove LITEHTML_UTF8 definition to claws makefile
2021-08-20 Jonathan Boeingupdate readme
2021-08-19 Jonathan Boeingadd configure option to enable package debug flags
2021-08-17 Jonathan Boeingupdate to pango-1.48.8
2021-08-08 Jonathan Boeingadd patches for glib and enchant
2021-08-03 Jonathan Boeingadd missing dependency on cairo for pixman
2021-07-29 Jonathan Boeingbump version for 3.18.0-2 3.18.0-2
2021-07-29 Jonathan Boeingupdate to sqlite-3.36.0
2021-07-29 Jonathan Boeingupdate to libffi-3.4.2
2021-07-29 Jonathan Boeingupdate to pango-1.48.7
2021-07-29 Jonathan Boeingupdate to harfbuzz-2.8.2
2021-07-29 Jonathan Boeingupdate to gpgme-1.16.0
2021-07-29 Jonathan Boeingupdate to freetype-2.11.0
2021-07-29 Jonathan Boeingupdate to fontconfig-2.13.94
2021-07-29 Jonathan Boeingupdate to enchant-2.3.0
2021-07-28 Jonathan Boeingupdate to curl-7.78.0
2021-07-28 Jonathan Boeingsort packages list
2021-07-28 Jonathan Boeingadd claws ca-certificates patch
2021-07-28 Jonathan Boeinggenerate CA certificates bundle with mk-ca-bundle
2021-07-21 Jonathan Boeingregenerate fontconfig patch
2021-07-21 Jonathan Boeingadd support for applying bare patches
2021-07-21 Jonathan Boeinginclude directories recursively for make dist
2021-07-17 Jonathan Boeingfix crash when sorting invalid utf8 subjects 3.18.0-1
2021-07-15 Jonathan Boeingremove log message for uncommon condition
2021-07-12 Jonathan Boeingupdate po files
2021-07-11 Jonathan Boeingfix a crash in fancy plugin
2021-07-11 Jonathan Boeingbuild updates for webkitgtk
2021-07-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate to claws-mail-3.18.0
2021-07-11 Jonathan Boeingalways uninstall previous installation if found
2021-07-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate README
2021-07-11 Jonathan Boeingcleanup INSTALL and NEWS
2021-07-11 Jonathan Boeingupdate make dist
2021-07-11 Jonathan Boeingfix package clean order
2021-07-10 Jonathan Boeingbuild regex from gnulib git
2021-07-10 Jonathan Boeingupdate regex to work with latest gnulib
2021-07-10 Jonathan Boeinginitial import from regex-20090805 package
2021-07-02 Jonathan Boeingremove dead code
2021-07-02 Jonathan Boeingremove unneeded path changes
2021-07-02 Jonathan Boeingset lzma dictionary size to 32MB
2021-07-02 Jonathan Boeinghandle message catalogs recursively
2021-07-02 Jonathan Boeingremove some gpg4win vestiges from the installer
2021-07-02 Jonathan Boeingupdate linking and dependencies
2021-07-02 Jonathan Boeingpass package directory to nsis from makefile
2021-07-02 Jonathan Boeingremove unnneeded workaround for stow conflicts
2021-07-02 Jonathan Boeingupdate stow invocation
2021-07-02 Jonathan Boeingupdate meson invocation
2021-07-02 Jonathan Boeingprint configuration summary
2021-07-02 Jonathan Boeingadd git support to csv package system
2021-07-01 Jonathan Boeingoverhaul makefile variables
2021-07-01 Jonathan Boeinguse LDFLAGS instead of LIBS for library paths
2021-07-01 Jonathan Boeingremove unused versioninfo.txt
2021-07-01 Jonathan Boeingclean up make variables
2021-07-01 Jonathan Boeingadd nsis switch to disable fancy and deps
2021-07-01 Jonathan Boeingclean up macro to extract package sources
2021-07-01 Jonathan Boeingupdate CM_SPKG macro
2021-07-01 Jonathan Boeinguse csv-formatted package list
2021-06-28 Jonathan Boeingadd top-level configure option to build fancy plugin
2021-06-28 Jonathan Boeingone configure argument per line
2021-06-28 Jonathan Boeingremove changequote from
2021-06-28 Jonathan Boeinguse correct variable
2021-06-22 Jonathan Boeingcleanup tool checks
2021-06-09 Jonathan Boeingupdate to pango-1.48.5
2021-06-09 Jonathan Boeingupdate to harfbuzz-2.8.1
2021-06-09 Jonathan Boeingupdate to gdk-pixbuf-2.42.6
2021-06-09 Jonathan Boeingupdate to curl-7.77.0
2021-06-09 Jonathan Boeingupdate to gnutls-3.6.16
2021-06-09 Jonathan Boeingupdate to libxml2-2.9.12
2021-06-09 Jonathan Boeingupdate to sqlite-3.35.5
2021-06-09 Jonathan Boeingupdate to libical-3.0.10
2021-06-09 Jonathan Boeingupdate to nettle-3.7.3
2021-06-09 Jonathan Boeingupdate to libtasn1-4.17.0
2021-06-09 Jonathan Boeingupdate to expat-2.4.1
2021-06-09 Thorsten MaerzRemove autom4te.cache before aclocal/automake
2021-06-09 Jonathan Boeingclean up list of required packages
2021-04-14 Jonathan Boeingupdate README
2021-04-14 Jonathan Boeingupdate installer info